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Awards Program Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Business Alumni Association (BAA) Board of Directors invites nominations for the following three awards:

  1. Distinguished Alumnus/na Award - Nominees for this award must be graduates of either the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business or the College of Business Administration (CBA). This award honors an alumnus/alumna who has attained outstanding business leadership and demonstrated community service;

  2. Distinguished Service Award - This award is for special recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to Pitt Business and/or the University over a long period of time. This award is limited to alumni; and

  3. The H. J. Zoffer Medal for Meritorious Service Award - This award recognizes individuals whose efforts in the recent past (time is not necessarily a factor here) have gone above and beyond the call of duty and whose contributions have had a positive impact on Pitt Business and/or the University. This award may be presented to more than one individual and nominations of alumni, faculty, staff, and individuals in the corporate community will be considered.

All submitted nominations must be accompanied by:

  1. a detailed statement of the nominee's qualifications, leadership contributions, and the reasons why you believe the individual deserves special recognition and

  2. a detailed biography of the nominee. As always, all nominations will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Only those nominees approved by the BAA Board of Directors will be announced.

Please submit your confidential nominations to: Jim Waite, Director, Alumni Relations, University of Pittsburgh, Pitt Business Alumni Office, 109 Mervis Hall, Pittsburgh, PA  15260. Nominations also may be faxed to the Alumni Office at 412-648-1658 or e-mailed to You can also fill out the online nomination form.

Nominations must be submitted by July 1 for an award nominee to be considered for the upcoming year. All nominations will stay active for 5 years.

Questions may be directed to Jim Waite at 412-648-1654 or 1-800-532-8725.