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Executive MBA

The EMBA Worldwide Executive MBA program at Katz provides our students with the opportunity to study global business issues in the U.S., Brazil and the Czech Republic and network with classmates from across the world. The EMBA Program will prepare you for leadership on a global scale. Find out more about the Executive MBA program.

Center for Executive Education

The Center for Executive Education delivers a wide variety of custom business education programs which meet the specific needs of a particular organization. These programs are designed to optimize the benefit to the client organization taking into account multiple locations, scheduling, budget constraints, number of people, and learning objectives. Partner with us for custom training and meet your company's goals. The center and it's partners also offer a full range of leadership development programs to executives from the general public. Find out more about the Center for Executive Education

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence was created to foster the growth of the entrepreneurial and family-held/closely held firm. Since 1995 we have helped thousands of businesses succeed with a dynamic mix of leading-edge educational programs, individual consulting, and a unique set of networks. Find out more about the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence