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July 13, 2017

Alumni Spotlight - Mark Lowrey (MBA '82)

Baseball, football, hockey, soccer no matter the sport, Mark Lowrey (MBA '82) is a fan. He and his wife Susan reside in Orlando, Fla. with their four sons, ages 12-19. Lowrey has a passion for traveling to sporting events around the country with his sons, creating "memories that will last a lifetime." Over the years, Lowrey has built a collection of sports memorabilia, which is displayed in his office and throughout his family's home. When he is not videotaping his children's sporting events, Lowrey serves as the chief financial officer of CoAdvantage Holdings, the parent organization for the CoAdvantage family of companies, a leading provider of human recourses and benefit solutions for small and medium-size businesses.

When asked what advice he has for new graduates just entering the world of work, he says, "Be prepared to open yourself to new experiences, to work hard at everything you do, and to ask lots of inquisitive questions. Take personal risks, stay passionate about what you do, and remember to find balance in your life." Over the course of his career Lowry has had the opportunity to follow his own advice: he loves his job because he is in a position to follow his entrepreneurial mindset and do what he loves.