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July 13, 2017

Spotlight on Matthew Provenzano (MBA '04)

After two years and countless miles sailing aboard WINDCREST, Matthew Provenzano (MBA,'04) accepted a new position as chief engineer aboard the 117-foot expedition yacht ARCADIA this past June. He set out on a 15-month voyage from Newport, R.I. to Europe and will return via the Arctic Circle with stops in Greenland and Iceland.

"Going back to sea truly has been a dream come true," writes Provenzano. "I've seen and done things I only imagined when I was a kid. As I write its 0430, the sun is rising after 50 hours in gale force winds, the sea is finally sitting down, dolphins are back on the bow, and I'm driving the bus with channel fever as we approach the Strait of Gibraltar. The ever escaping dream of crossing the Atlantic is about to be completed! A lot has changed since the days of waterskiing on Duxbury Bay. The boats might be a little bigger, but one thing remains the same, my love and passion for the sea."

After a quick pit stop in Gibraltar for fuel, Provenzano is bound for Venice, then on to Croatia, Sicily, and Spain or Montenegro in the fall for some downtime and a quick shipyard period, which, Provenzano quips is code for biking and parachuting across Southern Europe. After the holidays, the ARCADIA will continue on to Greece, Turkey, Italy, and back to the South of France before taking leave of the Mediterranean Sea bound for England, Ireland, and Scotland. Next summer, Provenzano will cross the North Atlantic and make "a run down iceberg alley" on the east coast of Greenland. The boat will then head north again up the west coast of Greenland and through the Northwest Passage in route to San Diego. All told he is scheduled to travel nearly 30,000 miles before returning to the United States in fall 2011!