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The David Berg Center for Ethics & Leadership offers summer internship opportunities to undergraduate Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics (CPLE) business students in their sophomore year to provide early exposure to ethical leadership in a variety of different organizations.  Our goal is to help students understand the different issues that organizations face in the areas of ethics, social responsibility, sustainability and provide them with concrete experiences that help develop their personal leadership skills.  We seek organizational partners who are willing to provide meaningful summer internships or specific project experiences that:

  • Engage students in critical areas of business for the organization
  • Provide exposure to one or more relevant issues including: social responsibility, ethics, compliance, sustainability, social justice, civic responsibility or environmental impact
  • Begin in May and end in August (12 weeks total)
  • Involve a 20 hour per week commitment

Students selected for early exposure internships are part of the CPLE sponsored by the Berg Center.  Students will be matched with internships opportunities based on their experience and interest and will be required to complete an interview with sponsoring organizations that approve the recommended student intern.  Once selected, each student will be provided with a stipend directly from the Berg Center for their participation in the summer internship.

Previous sponsor organizations for internships:

  • Allegheny Conference
  • Community Kitchen Pittsburgh
  • Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • 5 Generation Bakers
  • Go Realty, LLC
  • Kiva
  • H.E.R.L.
  • Thread

To submit a request for an internship, provide an outline or job description that includes one or more of the required focus areas listed above and the skills needed for the position.  For more information or to submit a request for a possible student internship, please contact:

Christy Malone
Program Manager
Office: (412) 624 – 4054