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May 21, 2013

The Most Undervalued Brand In The World


Most companies take their best asset and wring it for every drop of sales possible.  Some take it too far, in fact, and end up diluting the very brand that built their empire.  The venerable Hershey Company, maker of its eponymous chocolate and other keystone treats, has been doing the opposite, however.  It’s been shielding from the world its best asset, a mightily delicious, addicting candy bar that doesn’t get its fair due from its parent company.

Let us introduce to you the ill-named, mis-marketed and diminutive masterpiece known, regretfully, as the Take 5 Bar.  Oh, you’ve never heard of the Take 5?  Join the club that, sadly, numbers in the billions.  What kind of world do we live in that finding the prosaic and tasteless Necco Wafers at an average convenience store is far more predictable and easy than finding an exquisitely delicious Take 5 bar?...