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Research Projects

The Center for Branding at the University of Pittsburgh's Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business is committed to creating research in branding and digital marketing that has a significant impact on the field. 

One goal of the center is to partner with other departments and disciplines outside of business, including healthcare, from within the University and within other universities. External collaborations can foster research and develop inter-disciplinary grants. 

Recent Publications

  • Swaminathan, Vanitha and Suyun Mah (2016), “What 100,000 Tweets About the Volkswagen Scandal Tell Us About Angry Customers,” Harvard Business Review, October, 2016.
  • Swaminathan, Vanitha (2016), “Branding in the Digital Era: New Directions for Research on Customer-Based Brand Equity,” AMS Review, 6, 33-38.
  • Cade, N. L. (2016), "Corporate social media: how two-way disclosure channels influence investors" 
  • Dunn, B. K., Ramasubbu, N., Lowry, P. B., and Galletta, D. F., "Time versus Territory: Online Information Foraging and Its Implications for User Brand Engagement," Working Paper, 2016
  • Newmeyer, Casey E., R. Venkatesh, and Rabikar Chatterjee. "Cobranding arrangements and partner selection: a conceptual framework and managerial guidelines." Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 42.2 (2014): 103-118.
  • Kubat, Umut and Vanitha Swaminathan (2015), “Crossing the Cultural Divide through Bilingual Advertising: The Moderating Role of Brand Cultural Symbolism”, International Journal of Research in Marketing. 32 (4), 354–362.
  • Swaminathan, Vanitha, Zeynep Gürhan-Canli, Umut Kubat and Ceren Hayran  (2015), “How, When, and Why Do Attribute-Complementary versus Attribute-Similar Cobrands Affect Brand Evaluations: A Concept Combination Perspective”,  Journal of Consumer Research, 42 (1), 45-58.

Grant Proposals

The Center for Branding looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with others on interdisciplinary projects. Two grant applications have been developed for funding from the National Institute of Health. These projects involve collaborations with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department. Additionally, grant funding was secured from the Marketing Science Institute for a research project.