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Adam Presslee

Assistant Professor of Business Administration


Office: 260 Mervis Hall


  • PhD in Accounting, University of Waterloo (2014)
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) of Alberta (2008)
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Alberta (2004)

Adam joined the Katz School of Business as an Assistant Professor in accounting in 2013, after completing his PhD from the University of Waterloo. His research applies theory from psychology and economics to examine the behavioural consequences of management tools such as budgets and incentive systems. Adam teaches Managerial Accounting at the undergraduate level.

  •  Introduction to Management Accounting
  • Kelly, K., A. Presslee, and A. Webb. (Forthcoming). The effects of tangible rewards versus cash rewards in repeated sales tournaments: A field experiment. The Accounting Review.
  • Kelly, K., and A. Presslee. 2017. The interactive effect of winner proportion and tournament group identity on tournament performance. Accounting, Organizations & Society, 56: 21-34.
  • Presslee, A., T. Vance, and A. Webb. 2013. The effects of reward type on the difficulty of self-set goals, goal commitment, and performance. The Accounting Review, 88(5): 1805-1831.
  • Boritz, J., F. Borthwick, and A. Presslee. 2012. The effect of business process representation type on assessment of business and control risks: Diagrams versus narratives. Issues in Accounting Education, 27(4): 895-915.

Recent Working Papers:

  • Birnberg, J., W. Choi, and A. Presslee. Pay-what-you-want in the arts: A field study. Data collection phase.
  • Brown, C., J.H. Evans, D. Moser, and A. Presslee. How does reducing pay dispersion affect employee effort? Working Paper.
  • Burt, I., T. Libby, and A. Presslee. The effects of ex post goal adjustment and social identity with a superior on subordinates’ performance. Working Paper.
  • Choi, W., and A. Presslee. The performance effects of tangible versus cash rewards: The mediating role of categorization. 1st round revise and resubmit at Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Presslee, A. The effects of reward type and relative performance information on budget slack. Working Paper
  • Katz Graduate School of Business Teacher of the Year (2016)
  • Katz Excellence in Teaching Award (2014-2016)                                                                                                      
  • 2011 AAA Outstanding Management Accounting Paper (“The effects of reward type on the difficulty of self-set goals, goal commitment, and performance” with T. Vance & A. Webb)

In his spare time, Adam enjoys playing hockey and basketball and reading comic books.