Center for Branding

The Center for Branding at the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business is dedicated to being a world leader in the study of branding and digital marketing. The center aims to provide cutting-edge research insights to industry partners, while developing a deep talent pool of marketing professionals who excel in digital marketing.

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Research and Grants

The Center produces cutting-edge research in digital marketing in the leading marketing journals. Recent projects have focused on the influence on brand management by social media. Learn more.

Education Programs

The Center provides resources to educate Katz MBA and MS students in cutting-edge practices in digital marketing. Focus areas include Google Adwords and Facebook ad campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital media optimization. Learn more

Business Resources

The Center gives small, medium-sized, and large businesses access to students who have an expertise in digital tools and techniques, and access to faculty members who can share insights from the latest research. Learn more.

Multi-disciplinary Collaborations

The Center strives to collaborate with other departments, schools, and disciplines across the University of Pittsburgh and other universities to foster new research and to secure interdisciplinary grants.