Jerrold H. May

Professor of Business Administration


Business Analytics and Operations
278A Mervis Hall


PhD, Yale University
MPhil, Yale University
BA, Roosevelt University

Courses Recently Taught

Optimization (PhD)
Data Mining (PhD)
Nonlinear Programming (PhD)
Research Methodology for Empirical Decision Science (PhD)
Data Mining (MBA)
Decision Technology (MBA)
Statistical Analysis (MBA)


Jerrold H. May has been a faculty member of KGSB since 1974. He is currently interested in data mining, and is a member of INFORMS and AAAI.

Research Interest Areas

Artificial Intelligence, Management Science


"An Exact Test of the Accuracy of Binary Classification Models Based on the Probability Distribution of the Average Rank," Mathematical and Computer Modelling (to appear).

"When to Choose an Ensemble Model for Binary Classification," International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining (to appear).

"Modeling Complexity in Physically-Distributed Object-Oriented Systems," Journal of Computer Information Systems (to appear).

"A Hybrid Data Mining/Optimization Technique for Modeling Outpatient No-Shows in Clinic Scheduling," Journal of the Operational Research Society 60 (2009) 1056-1068.

"Decision Making In Distributed Objects Using Radio Frequency Identification." Journal of International Management Studies 4 (2009) 11-19.

"An Optimization-based Approach for the Design of Bayesian Networks," Mathematical and Computer Modelling 48 (2008) 1265-1278.

"Conflict Identification and Reconciliation in a Collaborative Manufacturing Scheduling Task," International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 7 (2008) 147-174.

"Targeted Advertising Strategies on Television," Management Science 52: (2006) 713-725.

"Evaluating and Tuning Predictive Data Mining Methods Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves," Journal of MIS, 21:3 (Winter 2004-5) 249-280.

"Assessing the predictive accuracy of diversity measures with domain-dependent, asymmetric misclassification costs," Information Fusion 6:1 (2005) 37-48.

"Estimating Procedure Times for Surgical Scheduling by Determining Location Parameters for the Logonormal Model," Health Care Management Science, 7:2 (2004), 97-104.

"Using Data Mining to Profile Television Viewers," Communications of the ACM, 46:12 (2003), 66-72.

"Estimating Times of Surgeries with Two Component Procedures: Comparison of the Lognormal and Normal Models," Anesthesiology, 98:1 (2003), 232-240.

"A Data Mining Approach to Characterizing Medical Code Usage Patterns," Journal of Medical Systems, 26:3 (2002), 255-275.