Students Shine Spotlight on Faculty and Staff

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

At the inaugural Full-time MBA Salute Reception, graduating students honored faculty, staff, and administrators who had a meaningful impact on their MBA experience. Joseph Pieri, director of MBA programs at The Katz School, was instrumental in creating and planning the event. 

“We are a small program and a close-knit community,” Pieri says. “The faculty and staff work with students very closely, offering support in a sometimes challenging and transformative environment. 

Among the Katz faculty, Prakash Mirchandani, professor of business administration and director of the Center for Supply Chain Management received the most recognition for his commitment to student success, and Dana Romano, associate director of professional development, received the most recognition among Katz staff for her tireless efforts to help students prepare for their post-MBA careers.

Plans are in place to expand the Salute Ceremony to include students in the Professional MBA program.

“The fact that so many students participated in the salute program means that they have a sense of humility and recognize that you can’t do this alone,” Pieri says.

In addition to a program focused on experience based learning, Katz students learn from and are mentored by world-renowned faculty, executives-in-residence with significant experience in the professional world, and a dedicated career services team