University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School MBA Program

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program Academics

We believe that the real world is the best preparation for the real world. That's why the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School MBA gives students a solid grounding in business fundamentals, which they put into action through Experience-Based Learning exercises. Led by world-renowned faculty, students complete an array of projects in which they solve critical problems facing top companies. Every step of the way, students are challenged to be innovative and entrepreneurial. The education is global in nature. Students have the opportunity to travel internationally and experience how  widely dispersed markets are connected.

Katz MBA Programs

The Katz MBA is offered in a variety of full and part-time formats. Students notice early on that the programs are cross-disciplinary in nature and employ a strong emphasis on team-based collaborations.


Katz MBAs pick an area of concentration that gives them the ability to see a business from all angles, while also possessing a sharpened expertise that sets them apart.


Katz MBAs also select a certificate to further refine their business acumen. Each certificate includes an experience-based learning aspect that, combined with the certificate's elective courses, provides depth in in-demand business skills.