Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital marketing, which includes internet advertising and marketing, mobile advertising and social networking, is increasing in importance. Internet advertising is projected to account for 15% of global advertising spending in 2012, and is also among the fastest growing media today. Marketers have recognized the potential inherent in search advertising and mobile advertising to create highly interactive relationships with their customers.

The certificate in digital marketing is intended to equip students with tools and techniques in digital marketing that will allow them to differentiate themselves in the job market and enable them to compete effectively.

Certificate Requirements

  1. Prerequisite: Marketing Management
  2. 10.5 credits. The certificate is composed of 7.5 credits of required marketing elective courses and 3 credits of non-marketing electives credits.
  3. Students are required to take all three marketing elective courses in order to fulfill the requirements of the certificate. Under exceptional circumstances, if a student cannot fulfill one of these course requirements, they may consult with their MBA advisor for alternate courses that may be available. Required marketing electives:
    1. Marketing and Social Media Strategy (3 credits);
    2. Digital and Social Media Analytics (1.5 credits) and;
    3. Shopper Marketing (3 credits).
  4. Students are also required to take one of the following non-marketing elective courses: Electronic Commerce (3 credits) or Data Mining (3 credits).
  5. Grades of B or better for each course, required and elective.
  6. A minimum B+ average (3.25 QPA) across all certificate-related courses and credits.

Faculty Contact

Professor of Business Adminstration and
Area Director, Marketing and Business Economics
Office: 332 Mervis Hall
Phone: 412-648-1725