Global Supply Chain Management Certificate

In the global marketplace, companies armed with strong supply chains gain competitive advantages and capture market share. Accordingly, individuals who possess supply chain skills are in high demand. Firms are seeking individuals who can:

  • Create the right incentives and coordinate various supply chain activities to maximize value
  • Lead in the strategic and operational alignment of global business practices
  • Manage increases in supplier productivity and customer expectations of quality and responsiveness

In short, companies need individuals certified in global supply chain management.

The Katz Global Supply Chain Management Certificate prepares students to secure positions as managers or directors of corporate global supply chains. Position areas include supply chain management, sourcing and procurement, supplier relationship management, or supplier diversity management.

Global supply chain management encompasses not only the design and planning of supply chain activities, but also the execution, control, and monitoring activities that help companies to build a competitive infrastructure and create net value.

As part of the certificate, students engage in experience-based learning through an applied project, specializing in either supplier diversity or supply chain management. Students may also develop additional depth in supplier diversity by completing an independent project with Katz's regional corporate partners.

Credit Requirements

10.5 credits

Required, 7.5 credits

  • Global Supply Chain Management; 3 credits, BQOM 2533
  • Strategic Information Technology in Global Supply Chains; 1.5 credits, BMIS 2074
  • Strategic Procurement and Sourcing Management; 1.5 credits, BQOM 2534
  • Project Course in Supply Chain Management or Supplier Diversity; 1.5 credits, BQOM 2700/BOAH 2700

Electives, 3 credits from the following:

  • Cross-Cultural Management; 1.5 credits, BOAH 2527
  • Strategic Cost Analysis; 1.5 credits, BACC/BQOM 2549
  • Management of Strategic Alliances; 1.5 credits, BSEO 2511
  • Business Process Redesign; 1.5 credits, BIND 2526
  • E-Business Strategy; 1.5 credits, BMIS 2591
  • Negotiations, Teamwork, and Change; 1.5 credits, BOAH 2532
  • Business-to-Business Marketing; 1.5 credits, BMKT 2533
  • Six Sigma: Theory & Practice; 3 credits, BQOM 2139

Full-time and part-time students are eligible to receive a Global Supply Chain Management Certificate when all of the following criteria are satisfied:

  1. Completion of a combination of 7.5 required and 3 elective credits from the approved course list
  2. Grades of B or better for each course, required and elective
  3. A minimum B+ average (3.25 QPA) across all courses/credits

Faculty Contact

Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration
Information Systems and Technology Management
Office: 363 Mervis Hall
Phone: 412-624-2110