MBA/Master of International Development

The MBA/Master of International Development joint degree is offered jointly through the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs(GSPIA) and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. Through a variety of courses in international business and international affairs, the program provides students with the administrative, managerial, and financial skills necessary for business, as well as an understanding of the international economic, political and cultural processes that shape the international business environment. The program is suitable for students preparing for a career that might involve working in government agencies concerned with international business or in firms that have significant cross-border activities that area affected by government regulation and inter-governmental agreements.

Degree Requirements

The basic requirements for GSPIA joint-degree programs are that students must:

  • apply at GSPIA & Katz and state their intention to complete a joint degree
  • meet all minimum requirements of both schools
  • be admitted prior to completing 24 credits at GSPIA
  • complete 36 credits at GSPIA
  • complete three terms of residency at GSPIA

Upon formal admission to MBA/MID program, a student must fulfill the following requirements in order to receive the MBA portion of the joint-degree:

  • A minimum of 39 credits of approved graduate-level coursework
  • The appropriate distribution of required core courses and elective courses
  • A minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 3.0

Full-Time Sample Schedule - 39 MBA Credits

Year One, Fall Term - 18 credits

  • BACC 2401 Financial Accounting (3.0 credits)
  • BECN 2401 Economic Analysis for Managerial Decisions (3.0 credits)
  • BQOM 2401 Statistical Analysis (3.0 credits)
  • BFIN 2409 Financial Management 1 (1.5 credits)
  • BMKT 2409 Marketing Management (1.5 credits)
  • BOAH 2409 Organizational Behavior (1.5 credits)
  • Elective credits of your choice

Year One, Spring Term - 18 credits

  • BQOM 2421 Decision Technologies (1.5 credits)
  • BSEO 2401 Business Ethics & Social Performance (1.5 credits)
  • BSPP 2409 Strategic Management (1.5 credits)
  • BMIS 2409 Information Systems (1.5 credits)
  • Elective credits of your choice

Year Two - 3 credits

  • BIND 2444 Competitive Management Simulation (3.0 credits)

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the full-time MBA/MID program (in-state and out of state)

Tuition and fees for the part-time MBA/MID program (in-state and out of state)

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