MBA/Master of Science in Management of Information Systems

Transform your work life in just 20 months with the University of Pittsburgh's MBA/Master of Science in Management of Information Systems (MBA/MS-MIS) Dual-Degree Program. For nearly 30 years, the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business has prepared its MBA/MS-MIS graduates to envision, evaluate, and execute technology-based solutions for critical business challenges.

Consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one the nation's top 20 MBA/MS-MIS dual-degree programs in the United States, this program is for professionals with several years of work experience who want to obtain a deep understanding of IT issues as well as the integration and interdependence of IT and business.

Develop specialized expertise in areas such as IS management, supply chain management, customer analytics, healthcare and IS, and new venture creation and business development.

The MS-MIS is a STEM degree program. International students enrolled in the MBA/MS-MIS dual degree program are eligible to apply for a 24-month STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension if their job offers are in the information systems area (software engineer, developer, IT project manager, program manager, product manager, IT consultant, business process analyst, software quality manager, IT-business analyst, data scientist, etc.). With the OPT extension, international students graduating from the MBA/MS-MIS program will be eligible to work in the U.S. for a total period of 36 months before switching to other employer-sponsored visas such as H1-B.

Degree Requirements

Upon formal admission to the MBA/MS-MIS program, a student must fulfill the following requirements in order to receive both degrees of this dual-degree program:

  • A minimum of 66 credits of approved graduate-level coursework (MBA: 36 + MIS: 30)
  • The appropriate distribution of required core courses and elective courses
  • A minimum cumulative quality point average (QPA) of 3.0

In the MBA/MS-MIS program, you will have the opportunity to take more than 30 courses (66 credits) taught by the world-class Katz faculty, including:

  • The management core (22.5 credits), which builds your foundation in strategic management, decision technologies, financial management, organizational behavior, marketing, statistics, economics, and accounting;
  • The IS core (13.5 credits) that delivers an in-depth IS education and expands your knowledge with  Project Management; Database Management; and Business Systems Platforms
  • An extensive portfolio of MBA and IS electives (30 credits) that build focused concentrations in finance, strategy, marketing, and human resources.

Curriculum Plan

View sample schedules for the full-time and part-time programs.

Apply to the Katz MBA/MS-MIS Dual-Degree Program

To apply to Katz MBA/MS-MIS Dual-Degree Program complete the Katz MBA Application Process, providing your GMAT scores, academic background, and work experience. Please indicate on the application that you are interested in being considered for the MBA/MS-MIS Dual-Degree Program. While interviews are not a strict requirement for every prospective candidate, evaluative interviews are regularly conducted on campus or by telephone of Skype if is not possible to meet in person.

For more information about the MBA/MS-MIS Dual-Degree Program, call the MBA Admissions Office at 1-412-648-1700, send an e-mail to

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the full-time MBA/MIS program (in-state and out of state)

Tuition and fees for the part-time MBA/MIS program (in-state and out of state)