Student Services and Advising

Student Services, located in Katz's MBA Programs Suite (301 Mervis Hall), is responsible for more than just housing records. Advisors in this office also recommend and coordinate teaching schedules for MBA courses and meet with students regarding course choices, as well as to discuss their performance in the program. Starting with student orientation and ending with graduation, you will have close contact with Student Services. They advise you on course selections, collect grades, keep track of students' needs, and verify graduation.


Katz advisors keep you on track by making sure that you have the proper number of credits for each term and are taking courses in the correct sequence. The advisors also keep track of courses and grades and ensure that you are academically prepared for the completion of the MBA program. They also assist you with transfer credits, if necessary.

Further Assistance

You also will have an opportunity to get further advice from the Katz faculty. Our faculty members have a great reputation among students for their responsiveness to these types of requests. They will help you choose the right courses to work toward specific concentrations and interests in business.


Bev Bolden
Director of Student Services, Master's Programs