Prospective International MBA Candidates

The University of Pittsburgh is home to over 2,900 international students — and more than one half are pursuing a graduate degree.

At Katz we value the experience, perspective, and diversity of thinking that our International students bring to our program.

Our Class Profile changes with every year however core countries represented in the classroom have included Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Tawiwan, Turkey, and the United States to name a few.

To help prepare prospective applicants here are some resources that we feel will be helpful in preparing your application and in your MBA journey.

We also have a number of Exchange Programs through our partner schools. Click here to review the application requirements for the programs below. 

    • Augsburg Executive Fellows Exchange Program

    • Kedge Business School Exchange Program

    • Santa Maria University Exchange Program

    • European Business School Exchange Program

With a Katz MBA you will be confident in your ability to tackle whatever business problems you come up against. You'll be more valuable to future employers, or perhaps you'll put your finely honed talents to work in starting your own business. 


From the beginning, you'll notice a spirit of collaboration at Katz. Past MBA students have commented that the atmosphere isn't as competitive as it is collaborative. It comes from the school's commitment to globalism and diversity. From your very first team project, you'll recognize the benefits of a truly global business school because you'll be working in an environment that reflects the markets of the world.

Learn Hands-On at Katz

Hands-on, practical experiences outweigh book learning alone every time. Experience-based learning is so important that it's one of the school's strategic initiatives and what we're referring to when we say, "Experience. Learn. Lead."

Interact with Us

As always, we recommend signing up for one of our monthly Information Sessions or reaching out to one of our current International Student Ambassadors