PhD Program Student Life

Graduate student life is more than life inside the classroom or in front of your computer. Pittsburgh was named the most livable city and recently celebrated its 250th anniversary. The University of Pittsburgh gives you the feeling of being on a suburban campus, despite the fact that you are in an urban setting. Some of the most interesting and lively neighborhoods in Pittsburgh are just blocks from campus.

The University of Pittsburgh is a world-renowned research institution. The campus is historical, rare, and beautiful. The Cathedral of Learning, for example, is a historic landmark and a popular tourist attraction. In addition to housing offices and classrooms, the Cathedral of Learning is home to 24 Nationality Classrooms.

Pitt Business is made up of the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, the College of Business Administration which offers undergraduate business degrees, and five education and research centers.

Take a virtual tour of Pitt Business facilities.

As a Pitt student, you have access to world-renowned health care. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System has 19 Centers of Excellence and is ranked among the country's best hospitals.

One of the many perks of being a student at the University is free access to public transportation through your Panther Card student ID, which makes getting around the campus and the city much easier.

Although Pitt does not offer graduate student housing, Off-Campus Living provides a wealth of resources regarding housing available near the University. The city of Pittsburgh's cost of living is very affordable and plenty of excellent housing is available in the charming and secure neighborhoods surrounding the University.