Ritesh Chutani

As an MBA student, Ritesh Chutani immersed himself in real business experiences - lots of them. Through experience-based learning courses offered by Katz, he performed market analysis work in the nuclear power, health care, and technology fields, and traveled internationally, to Brazil and China, to bolster his research.

"That's the best part of coming to Katz. You get to work with companies and apply what you learned in class directly to the companies," says Chutani, who graduated in 2012 and immediately obtained a position in the consulting industry.

In a Consulting Field Project, Chutani and fellow Katz MBA students assessed Westinghouse Electric Co.'s potential for entering the nuclear power plant market in China. For his market research, Chutani traveled to China and interviewed leading companies. In another Consulting Field Project, Chutani performed market opportunity analysis on a creation by Advantech in Monroeville: electronic shelf labels for grocery stores. Chutani also completed a Global Business Project in São Paulo, Brazil, where he worked on a student team that found ways to increase GE Healthcare's market share in the public domain. At the conclusion of the project, he traveled to Brazil for several weeks, where he met with company officials and made a presentation to senior leadership.

"With my international project in Brazil, I learned how to speak Portuguese and worked with people from different countries. This gave me a totally different level of exposure than what I received in the classroom, or even my prior internships," Chutani says.