Shannan Humes

Internships are an integral component of the Katz Two-year MBA program. Case in point: the experience of Shannan Humes, who in the summer between her first and second year completed an internship with Colgate-Palmolive in New York City.

Humes, whose concentration was in marketing, worked in brand management for the new products group of Colgate-Palmolive, a global company which has a portfolio of some of the world's most recognizable personal care brands—Colgate toothpaste, Irish Spring soap, and Speed Stick deodorant, just to name a few. The internship was invaluable for Humes, a recipient of the Alcoa Diversity Scholarship and member of the National Black MBA Association and Women MBA International.

"The Katz program touts a holistic and transformative teaching model that communicated to me that the school really understood the goals and aspirations for someone of my profile. I felt it would be a perfect fit of both challenging curriculum and specialized business school experiences," Humes says.

She credits a large part of her professional growth to the diversity in backgrounds of her Katz classmates—people whose pre-MBA professions include engineering, accounting, and social science backgrounds. "The most dynamic organizations actively seek out diversity in culture, thinking style, and experiences. My classes consisted of military veterans, later-in-life career switchers, and those like me looking to enhance an already dynamic and budding career," Humes says.

Humes says her success in the program hinged not only on her leadership skills but also her abilities to compromise and buy into the success of her classmates. "My entire first semester entailed working closely with group members wholly different from myself. Ultimately, I want to win—win in school and back out in the business world—and working closely with classmates of varying strengths has been the key to many victories," Humes says.

When Humes graduated in 2013, her internship with Colgate-Palmolive proved to be invaluable: It led to a full-time position with the company's marketing department.