Chris Kemerer

Chris Kemerer, the David M. Roderick Professor of Information Systems, is a pioneering voice in the economics of information systems. One of his ongoing projects explores how the emergence of "winners-take-some" digital goods markets are turning traditional format wars, which tend to tip toward a dominant firm, on their head.

"Converters are a game-changer. Digital standards allow for the cheap and perfect conversion from one format to another. In this environment, we expect to see more rapid technology innovation. Business managers must unlearn the lessons of prior winner-take-all technology eras," Kemerer says.

This past year, Kemerer was named as a Highly Cited Researcher by Thomson Reuters, meaning Kemerer was one of the 250 most-cited researchers world-wide in Computer Science in the past decade. He is widely published in the areas of management of information systems, software engineering measurement and modeling, accounting and economic issues in information systems, and technology adoption and diffusion.

"I use a lot of my research papers in class. As Katz faculty members, we're the people who perform the research that later gets cited and taught in textbooks," Kemerer says. "Katz students get the opportunity to learn immediately and directly from the sources of new ideas in management theory."