Lauren Mamros

In her second semester as a Katz student, Lauren Mamros found herself with the view of a lifetime: peering over the Great Wall of China. She was in Beijing for a Global Business Project offered through the International Business Center. The sightseeing moment was a break from the action.

Mamros, a part-time student in the MBA program, was working on a consulting project for Westinghouse Electric Company. She and peers from four schools—Duke University, University of North Carolina, University of Maryland, and San Diego State University—were hired to evaluate Westinghouse's business strategy in China, in light of the fact that it had already transferred over its nuclear power plant design specifications.

"It was so much more substantive than I thought it was going to be," Mamros says. "Our work was grounded in real-life business issues. We had an audience with executives at Chinese companies, and they were so attentive, so interested in everything we had to say."

Mamros served as team leader on the Global Business Project. For months, the students worked remotely, from their locations across the United States. To prep for the trip, Mamros received weekly tutoring lessons in Mandarin from a foreign language instructor. The Global Business Project culminated with the three-week visit to China and a one-week visit to Japan.

While in Japan, students presented their work to Westinghouse executives in Tokyo, the place where Westinghouse's parent company, Toshiba Corporation, is based. The company was so pleased with the students' work that Westinghouse hired a team of Katz students in fall 2011 to continue the work in a Katz Consulting Field Project. That team also made an impression on Westinghouse executives, who supported sending the students to Asia to gather more market intelligence.

"My goal is to perform consulting and strategy work in the future. This helped me to experience firsthand what a consultant does and how to perform in an international environment," Mamros says.

A compliance analyst with BNY Mellon in Pittsburgh, Mamros says she's open to someday taking a position abroad. She expects to graduate from Katz in spring 2013.

Lauren Mamros
Compliance Analyst
BNY Mellon
Class of 2013