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Meet the Six New Sheth PhD Fellows
2023 Sheth Fellows

For the second year, the Sheth Foundation awarded fellowships to doctoral students from Pitt’s Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business that have passed their comprehensive exams. Sponsored by alumnus Jagdish Sheth, the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University, and his wife, Madhuri Sheth, each student received $1,000. Students were recognized during a ceremony on Friday, March 17 in Mervis Hall.

2023 Student Fellowship Recipients:

Stephen Bachmann (Accounting ‘25)

Vipul Bokil (Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management ‘25)

Ciel Qingmei Deng (Accounting ‘25)

Sushma Kambagowni (Marketing ‘25)

Gabriel Pensamiento Calderon (Business Analytics and Operations ‘25)

Aman Soni (Marketing ‘25)

Every recipient was incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Sheth Foundation. Bachmann said, “Receiving recognition also affirms my efforts, research interests, and career goals.” As they near the back half of their time in the PhD program, this award has reenergized some of the students. Soni said, “Winning this award is a recognition for my hard work and will further motivate me to continue the same with a focused mindset and complete dedication.”

The Sheth Story

Dr. Sheth received both his MBA and PhD from Pitt Business. While in his PhD program, he received a $1,000 gift to further his research efforts. He said it made a significant impact on his research career. Now that he can give back, he does not hesitate. The foundation sponsors a similar gift at Emory University.

Aside from this PhD Fellow gift, the Sheth family also recognizes faculty members and young alumni for their contributions around the world through the Sheth international Achievement Awards. These awards are in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh’s University Center for International Studies (UCIS).