Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business // Balance


Balancing Work, Life and Academics

You are entering an academic program that comes with its own demands and obligations. Investing in your professional development through graduate study is exciting. However, it adds to your daily responsibilities. You are successful because you have figured out how to identify priorities and balance your day-to-day activities. You may experience a period of adjustment as you acclimate to the academic rhythm of class and assignments.

We designed the program for busy professionals like you. We also encourage you to leverage your resources to stay healthy and well.

Unique Format

As you know, we have a unique executive-level program offered in a flexible, cohort-based format to help you balance your life while achieving your professional goals. Our 19-month program was designed with the following structure for busy professionals like you:

  • Classes are held one weekend a month​.
  • A third of the coursework is delivered online.
  • Out-of-class activities can be scheduled around your commitments.
  • Cohort members build connections and support one another.

Student Services

We understand your schedule is full. The Executive Programs staff plan all the details so you can concentrate on academics. Then when you are home, you can focus on work and family.

The staff will:

  • Distribute all program materials, including textbooks, e-books, and case studies.
  • Act as your registrar, enrolling you in your courses each term.
  • Arrange all meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks) on class days.
  • Provide technology and infrastructure support inside and outside the classroom.
  • Coordinate arrangements and activities outside of the classroom.
  • Provide moral support throughout the program and beyond.

Campus Resources

Pursuing your Executive MBA is demanding, and we want to help you balance the demands of your job and the healthy management of life outside of work.

Through programs that promote physical and mental fitness, the university encourages graduate students to be strong in body as well as mind. We’ve compiled helpful resources that are available through Student Health ServiceCounseling CenterHealth and Wellness Center and Disability Resources and Services Department. Graduate students also have access to a Stress-Free Zone focusing on mindfulness in addition to a range of fitness facilities and intramural sports.


I chose Katz because of the world-class faculty and students: the professors here are well-versed in their fields, passionate about teaching, and want to see their students succeed academically and professionally; the students are dedicated to excellence and form an excellent professional network. 

Tyler Wilson

MBA '19

I chose Katz for the course offerings. I knew I could build on my strengths through the strong core curriculum with specific classes that would help me learn invaluable tactics and strategies for my career. The international community at Katz is eye-opening. Learning from individuals who come from all over the world is a valuable experience in and of itself.

Robert Innis

MBA '18