Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business // Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the academic staff located?

The Graduate Programs office is located in 301 Mervis Hall. The office assists Master’s students throughout their studies with questions regarding registration, transfer credits, exemption exams, grades, and scheduling of classes.

Do I still need to attend Katz's required courses if I took business courses as an undergraduate?

Yes, only graduate level courses can be acceptable for transfer. See the answer to the next question to find out how to receive transfer credits for a previously taken graduate level course.

Can I transfer graduate credits from previously completed business courses?

Initial criteria to determine transferability include that the credits must be from an AACSB Accredited school, they must be from graduate level courses, and they cannot have been used towards an earned degree. If these three criteria are met, please reach out to to further discuss.

How can I be exempted from taking a required course?
How do I find out my Student ID number?
How do I know how much my bill is, and when will it be due?
How do I update or change my personal information?
What takes place during orientation?
What courses are required for the completion of the Master's degrees?
Who do I contact to obtain a letter verifying that I am a student registered at the University of Pittsburgh so my spouse, family members or friends can obtain a visa to come and visit me?


I chose Katz because of the world-class faculty and students: the professors here are well-versed in their fields, passionate about teaching, and want to see their students succeed academically and professionally; the students are dedicated to excellence and form an excellent professional network. 

Tyler Wilson

MBA '19

I chose Katz for the course offerings. I knew I could build on my strengths through the strong core curriculum with specific classes that would help me learn invaluable tactics and strategies for my career. The international community at Katz is eye-opening. Learning from individuals who come from all over the world is a valuable experience in and of itself.

Robert Innis

MBA '18