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Introducing the Katz Executive Doctor of Business Administration

For any professional with an MBA looking to differentiate themselves from other leaders, the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business has established a new Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree.

Applications are now being accepted for the January 2022 semester, appealing primarily to experienced management professionals looking to advance their analytical and problem-solving skills in corporations, consulting firms, government agencies, and other roles. The program would also be beneficial as a terminal degree for those who wish to pursue a teaching-oriented faculty position.

“Knowledge is power,” says J. Jeffrey Inman, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty at Pitt Business. “This program will help executives to analyze current data sets to solve complex organizational business problems.”

Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Katz delivers well-established executive MBA programs that are ranked among the best by Financial Times and Forbes. The school has also been ranked among the nation’s best online MBA programs.

The Katz Executive DBA program follows the “Hyflex” model, which provides face-to-face classes that are also placed online in both synchronous and asynchronous modes simultaneously.

“This model was extremely successful at the University of Pittsburgh and we intend to make it the only Executive DBA program accessible to students world-wide regardless of travel and/or visa restrictions,” says Inman.

Comprised of 72 credits, the program includes practicum research project coursework, enabling time that students spend in the program to contribute to their firm; and an immersive residency, enabling student-to-student and faculty interactions.

“In response to the demand for a rigorous executive doctoral program in business administration targeted to practitioners, Katz has stepped up to ensure our students receive the most cutting-edge education and opportunities,” says Dennis Galletta, Professor of Business Administration and Director of the PhD program. “The establishment of our Executive DBA program echoes Katz’s vision of reinventing itself to keep professionals ahead of the evolving business world.”

A member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, Pitt ranks in the top cluster of U.S. public research universities. This expertise combined with the program’s flexible scheduling and highly accomplished faculty distinguish Katz from other DBA programs.

“If you compare our program to others, many programs do not focus on research or have the experience in research that our faculty members teaching the program possess,” says Inman.

Every year, Katz faculty earn prestigious awards and recognition for research and leadership of institutes and other organizations in their field of expertise. The Executive DBA program courses include Quantitative Research Methods, Organizational Science, Strategic Research, and Applied Economics.

“I am pleased to add the Executive Doctor of Business Administration degree to our portfolio of executive programs at Katz,” says Arjang A. Assad, Henry E. Haller Jr. Dean. “Our faculty members are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, with our students’ needs and future trends at the forefront.”

Professionals with eight years of management experience and currently holding a middle-to-top management position, along with other credentials, can apply today to join the January 2022 cohort.

For more information about the Katz Executive Doctor of Business Administration program, please click here.


Victor and Ana Donaduzzi:  Executive MBAs and a Brazilian Biopark

Prior to the pandemic, Ana and Victor Donaduzzi (EMBA’18) were set to relocate to Tampa, Florida for their roles within Prati-Donaduzzi, a leading generic prescription drug producer in Brazil.

However, a past idea from Victor’s father emerged to the couple. They decided to scratch their plans and build on an idea called “Biopark.”

Biopark is a technological park 100% privately owned in Brazil designed for the education, research and business development of biosciences. Additionally, Biopark Education was created, which is an educational department comprised of 250 students and includes courses in pharmacy administration and data analytics.

Located in Toledo, Parana in Brazil, the small town needed to develop specialized labor force to sustain the bioscience start-ups attracted to Biopark. Just five years ago, the site of Biopark was fields of soybeans and corn.

 How did your Executive MBA from Katz influence your career?

Ana: “Prior to joining the Biopark Education, I was working for Prati-Donaduzzi Pharmaceuticals in the regulatory affairs department responsible for preparing the documentation of the drug manufacturers at their vendor’s sites in China and India.”  Ana has a Bachelor in Pharmacy and a Master in Pharmacology.  The transfer of skills came when she became responsible for building a Higher Education Institution within Biopark offering graduate degrees.  “I used what I learned in the Katz Executive MBA program as my basis.”

Victor: “Katz taught me the soft skills I needed, especially resilience—the cultures of Brazilians and Americans are quite different.”

What is your favorite memory about being a student at Katz?

Ana: “We had really great professors. I remember a specific time that Professor Bob Atkin really went out of his way to help me through his class when he learned I was struggling with the material.”

Victor: “I remember the high caliber and quality of our classmates. Everyone wanted to be at the top—which made it competitive and allowed for our professional growth. There are a lot of memories but the best ones I cannot share!”

What is one piece of advice you would share with your fellow alumni?

Ana: “Experience and enjoy the exchange of other cultures. The diversity of the Executive MBA program made us open our minds to see forward. If I had given up in the beginning because of the difficulty of the program, I don’t know what my professional career would be like now.”

What is something interesting about you that people may not know? 

Victor: “The Executive MBA was just one step towards my ultimate success. Next, I’ll begin to take a course on preparing myself to be a counselor on the board (of Biopark).”

Ana: “I am trying to convince Victor to live abroad next year, perhaps in the United States or Europe, to improve our capacity at the Biopark and to propose new ways to continuing learning and improving.”

Now, more than ever, Executive MBA programs are shaping the world around us and developing the leaders within it. Learn more about the Katz Executive MBA Program and Biopark.

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Congratulations Retired Faculty!

With over 250 combined years of service to Pitt Business, these faculty members have significantly impacted the school through their exemplary leadership, research, teaching, and student engagement. While their presence at Pitt Business will be missed, we’d like to recognize the following retiring faculty members:

  • J. “Jerry” Zoffer, Dean Emeritus and Professor of Business Administration;
  • Kenneth Lehn, Samuel A. McCullough Professor of Finance;
  • Jerrold May, Professor of Business Administration;
  • Robert Atkin, Clinical Professor of Business Administration;
  • Robert Gilbert, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration;
  • Richard Patton, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration;
  • Diane Denis, Terrence Laughlin Chair in Finance;
  • John “Harry” Evans, Katz Alumni Professor of Accounting; and
  • Laurie Kirsch, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Development, and Diversity and Professor of Business Administration.

Join us in wishing them many happy, healthy, and fulfilling years of retirement.


Pitt Business has gotten me involved in DSP, which has helped me develop professionally. I get to network with peers and industry leaders, which is invaluable to my future career.

Sierra Cloonan

BSBA Marketing '23

I learned so much and had a great time during the Haller Global Honors Scholarship with Pitt Business!

Saloni Sharma

BSBA Global Management '24