Previous Bridge Program Projects

Community partners and students work together to create business for the social good. 

Previous Bridge Program Projects

2022 Bridge Program Impact Report

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Participating Organizations include:

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Meals on Wheels

Previously this nonprofit (NGO) was only able to accept cash or check payments for meal delivery services. With the assistance of the Katz student team, the organization introduced an online payment system that both made ordering food for the elderly easier and supported back-end accounting process improvement for volunteers.

  • Students: Jialiang Shi, Yuanjie Jin, Yuyi Ma, and Shuya Yang
  • Executive Coach: Bud Smith

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank – Project #1

This SAP-funded team refined a Food Insecurity Index – identifying areas with high food insecurity but low food supply coverage. This included developing new census-block-level metrics to assess and model need. Check out their final presentation, which won them the 2022 Super Analytics Challenge.

  • Students: Rachael Agnello, William Hoffenkamp, Bhavya Mehta, and Yuyao Wu
  • Executive Coach: Harrison Urash

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank – Project #2

To better serve the southwestern Pennsylvania area and meet food security needs, this student team worked alongside Food Bank staff to recommend incremental improvements for technology platforms use. Solutions included integrating their geographic information systems (Esri) with customer relationship management (Salesforce) systems.

  • Students: Yuanzhe Ye, Ziwei Zhao, Zichun Wang, and Dominic Boito
  • Executive Coach: Christopher Barlow

Moonshot Museum

The soft launch of this new ‘out of this world’ museum housed at Astrobotics in Pittsburgh – with the mission to immerse visitors in what lunar colonization will look like –  required some mass communication support to share the opening plan. The Katz student team developed a social media marketing plan to support the opening in fall 2022.

  • Students: Max Cherpinsky, Wen-Che Hung, Chia-Yi Lu, and Kaizhi Lu
  • Executive Coach: Bill Slivka

Hot Metal Bridge Community Faith Community

Building on a successful 2021 project, the student team helped prepare a successful grant proposal for cold refrigerationstorage – with the goal to increase the number of meals served at this food pantry. The new storage is expected to be installed fall 2022.

  • Students: Kiki Parker, Lei Xue, Shuying Yin, and Ying Zhao
  • Executive Coach: Connie Palucka


This team worked with this local start-up to model a business case to deliver specialized diets for people with diabetes. The analysis included partnering strategies with healthcare  providers and dieticians.

  • Students: Victor Bench, Yue Pan, Xinyi Wu, and Enkhjargal Ganbaatar
  • Executive Coach: Pritam Advani


Innovate PGH

The team provided recommendations on how Innovate PGH may drive value and differentiate services for the life sciences start-up community in the Oakland Corridor, given the high level of research output and entrepreneurial activity from the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Students: Shauna Chen, Shivanandan Rajarathnam, Muntasir Chowdhury, and Yuguang Wang
  • Executive Coach: Pritam Advani

Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (PPCC)

A newly developed palliative care information mobile app for parents of children, the Katz student team prepared a market and financial model feasibility review. They provided a realistic assessment for the PPCC’s Board of Directors on the distribution trends based on the current operating model.

  • Students: Breanna Wallbaum, Chun Zhao, Susan Jiang, and Zhenhao Yan
  • Executive Coach: Jack Brice

Heinz History Center 

Based on the positive impact of the 2020 project, the Katz student team generated a go-to-market plan for the museum to increase merchandise revenue on Pittsburgh memorabilia, such as nostalgic Heinz Pickle Pins and Mr. Fred Rogers related items. This included specific pricing, product, promotion, and marketing channel recommendations.

  • Students: Chahee Park, Wenjing Mao, Miyi Liu, and Chenxi Zhang
  • Executive Coach: Bill Slivka

University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms

Founded in 1921 and now a historic site, the 31 Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning attract 30,000 visitors annually. The Katz Team examined ways to improve the customer experience for tours including developing new pricing, adapting new technology, and directing visitors to the gift shop.

  • Students: Esther Chung, Yi Tian, Yile Zhang, and Ning Zheng
  • Executive Coach: Bud Smith

Hot Metal Bridge Community Faith Community

From a fellowship award from Accenture Inc., through the Super Analytics Challenge, this student team coordinated with Atlanta-based nonprofit Love Beyond Walls to bring portable handwashing sinks to this SouthSide food pantry. Supporting the homeless community during the pandemic was the desired impact. Read more about this project here.

  • Students: Carlos Gil, Rebecca Farabaugh, Xingyu Li, and Tianyang Xie
  • Executive Coach: Joe Bozada


Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH)

Katz students built a “Get Back to Work” roadmap risk assessment model with constraints to manage operations through the COVID-19 pandemic. This was for the benefit of PBGH member companies.

  • Students: Tong Zhao, Parul Sharma, Tinghe Cao, Jinyu Yang, and Patrick Savage
  • Executive Coach: Joe Bozada

Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The Katz team consulted on how to introduce a global sustainability toolkit developed by Phipps and shared globally with gardens. This included improving the website capability and design – to support the distribution of the toolkit.

  • Students: Uma Thoota, Xinyi Tan, Kaihong Wang, Yitian He, and Daniel King
  • Executive Coach: Doug Harding

The Boy Scouts of America

Katz students supported a streamlined annual fee payment process and structure to better collect and distribute funds to troops. This included implementing a new payment gateway (PNC’s Payeezy).

  • Students: Andrey Popkov, Xinming Ruan, Chengchen Wang, Johnson Bandi, and Haohan Wang
  • Executive Coach: Phil Brooks

Heinz History Center 

This Katz team supported the foundational-level analysis and recommendation of e-commerce channel strategies for new brand licensing opportunities for the museum., This included recommending e-store sales strategies.

  • Students: Matt Bonidie, Chenxi Xu, Shali Qian, Donyu Bai, and Darshi Mehta
  • Executive Coach: Bill Besselman

Pittsburgh Botanical Garden 

Katz students evaluated the effectiveness of pricing strategies, specifically, making recommendations on the effectiveness and profitability of promotional programs involving Groupon.

  • Students: Yi Zeng, Jing Wang, Ryan Dockery, Yuxiao Jiang, & Siddharth Srivastava
  • Executive Coach: Don Wieczenski

Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)

Katz students helped develop a business plan to grow the ACG membership across the Pittsburgh region, including the development of a membership promotion plan.

  • Students: Anqi Zhang, Di Huang, Zihui Huang, Tyler Guerrieri, & Boris Kulizhnikov
  • Executive Coach: Whit Little

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

With the pandemic temporarily shuttering Heinz Hall, the Katz team consulted on how to digitally open the doors to the world. This project included a web optimization plan to pull together content and audiences for the orchestra.

  • Students: Jenny Chen, Brittany Knight, Ji Yoon Kim, Weiming Ding & Raunaq Lala
  • Executive Coach: Amy Dubin

Pittsburgh Festival Opera

The Katz team researched and recommended on-demand video platforms to connect young artists with broader communities during the pandemic. They also developed a monetization and marketing plan.

  • Students: Ani Roy, Lan Yu, Xingchen Yao, Shen Tian and Cong Han
  • Executive Coach: Kip Soteres

American Red Cross

Many immigrant populations new to the United States are tight-knit enclosed communities – small islands in our larger societal fabric. The Katz team identified such populations and recommended communication strategies for the American Red Cross to connect with them for emergency support.

  • Students: Victoria Hoang, Chuanhao Mei, Malena Hirsch, Jingting Zhou & Xiaowen Dong
  • Executive Coach: Pritam Advani

Veterans Place

This nonprofit was considering offering mental health services in addition to shelter support for military veterans. The Katz team conducted a thorough break-even analysis to determine if this was financially feasible.  

  • Students: Anthony Perry, Cheng Chen, Wei-chun Hsieh, Jordan McBride, & Shubham Kishore
  • Executive Coach: Brian Daniels


The most valuable experience that Bridge Program gave me was that I got to interact with a real client for the first time. I’ve always wanted to get into the consulting industry and the Bridge Program gave me my first step into the consulting world.

Ziwei Zhao

MS '22

Because of the pandemic, many internship positions were canceled. Unfortunately, I was one of those affected. Thanks to the Career Management office and all those who ensured the Bridge Program ran seamlessly. It was truly an amazing experience and helped me utilize a summer where many were unable to pursue their career goals.

Darshi Mehta

MS '22