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Your brand is your most valuable asset.

The Center for Branding at Pitt Business is dedicated to being a world leader in the study of branding and digital marketing. The center aims to provide cutting-edge research insights to industry partners, while developing a deep talent pool of marketing professionals who excel in digital marketing.

Forged Here

Forged Here encompasses a unique educational partnership between Pitt’s nationally renowned Cathy and John Pelusi Family Life Skills Program, the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Center for Branding at Pitt Business.

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About Us

The Center for Branding is committed to engaging in cutting-edge research, educating business leaders, partnering with industry, and collaborating with other academic partners both inside and outside of business schools, at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond.

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Programs and Workshops

The center provides innovative programs and workshops to educate Pitt Business students in the latest practices in digital branding. Focus areas include personal branding, branding using social media and social influencers, and use of big data/artificial intelligence to understand brand preferences and digital personalization.

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Research and Education

The center publishes top-notch research in branding in the leading marketing journals. Recent projects have focused on social media’s influence on brand management. 
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Support Us

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As an empirical quantitative researcher, I work on projects that are driven by data from the industry. The Center for Branding was able to connect me with data that proved to be critical for my research findings. I joined the Katz PhD program to find answers to several questions that experienced practitioners didn’t seem to have the answer to. I continue to upskill myself on advanced quantitative and experimental research methodologies in my quest to be a well-rounded multi-method researcher. I hope to continue this high-quality research and broaden my contribution to marketing literature as a faculty member in the future.

Sayan Gupta

PhD '23

My exposure to the Center inspired me to think about the future. It is a place that is available to all students and alumni for research and assistance in developing and enhancing brand marketing. In my time at Katz, I learned about the importance of collaboration, research, assistance. It inspired me to grow my business. Learning isn’t just for the classroom and the degree, it should be a part of my everyday life as a professional.

Megan Moser

MBA '22