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Advancing the Principles of Excellence in Brand Management

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About the Center

The Center for Branding is committed to engaging in cutting-edge research, educating business leaders, partnering with industry, and collaborating with other academic partners both inside and outside of business schools, at the University of Pittsburgh, and beyond. The center provides innovative programs and workshops to educate our graduate and undergraduate students in the latest practices in digital branding. Focus areas include personal branding, branding using social media and social influencers, and the use of big data/artificial intelligence to understand brand preferences and digital personalization.


Today, I seek out classes and opportunities (like the Super Analytics Challenge) to learn and grow in new areas. I feel empowered and proud in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago.

Rebecca Farabaugh

MS '22

The business school truly gives students opportunities to make their college experience meaningful. And, as an urban school, Pitt has the best resources to get students involved in their careers as soon as possible. But, it is not just a school where you go to earn a degree; it is a home where you will find a place to succeed.

James Boston

CBA '22