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Results-Oriented Management and Leadership Programs

Since 1949, the Katz Center for Executive Education has delivered quality programming for managers and leaders of all professions and industries. Taught by Katz’s world-renowned faculty and industry experts, our executive education curriculum uses experience-based learning to articulate the latest business practices, trends, and theories. We provide nondegree programs for organizations and large groups. We also partner with leading industry organizations to offer preparation for professional certification exams and professional development programs.

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We will work with you to develop a customized educational program that incorporates cutting-edge research and an interactive classroom experience.


One of the main points that Pitt Business stresses to their students is the importance of networking. I benefited so much from the relationships I developed with recruiters, professors, and my peers. I took every advantage of the opportunities that came my way, whether it was joining professional groups, working with mentors, or attending leadership programs. 

Adam White

CBA '20

I picked Pitt Business because competitively they are one of the best in the nation. Publicly ranked #11 nationally out of all business programs. I was also very intrigued with their message of “From the Classroom, To the City, To the World.

Hannah Swoish

CBA '20