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Mission and Goals

The Center for Healthcare Management was established in 2009 as a joint initiative of the Katz Graduate School of Business and School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. The center has as its primary mission the development and dissemination of research addressing the unique opportunities and challenges of health care delivery, as well as the improvement of health and well-being for all.

Health Care Delivery

Health care must be delivered to diverse populations in a manner that is accessible, equitable, and sustainable. Health care is an industry sector representing a large and growing international workforce encompassing jobs that cut across income and education levels. Enhancing the quality, stability, and effectiveness of this workforce touches on many of the central economic and social issues of our time, ranging from offshoring to immigration, national competitiveness to shared prosperity, and reducing the ranks of the working poor.

Health and Well-Being

 We are witnessing current trends that are changing the face of society, with profound implications for health and well-being. These include aging populations, changes in consumer habits such as eating and activity levels, diversity in communities, increased economic inequality, the rise in addictions and other mental health issues, and increasing technological connectivity. The center addresses questions regarding how organizations can contribute to the betterment of society by elevating the health and well-being of those who live within it.

The center’s goals are to:

  • facilitate interdisciplinary research aimed at improving health and well-being and the delivery of health care,
  • enhance the reach of research on health and well-being and health care delivery currently being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, and
  • develop and deliver training and executive education programs to apply the research findings of the center.

Supported Activities

Total Supported Activities, 2009–17:   $2,857,200

Sponsored Research and Grants           

$ 87,200

Education Programs                                


I chose Katz for the course offerings. I knew I could build on my strengths through the strong core curriculum with specific classes that would help me learn invaluable tactics and strategies for my career. The international community at Katz is eye-opening. Learning from individuals who come from all over the world is a valuable experience in and of itself.

Robert Innis

MBA '18

Katz presented a very strong program and reputation, while still feeling very personal. Being at Katz for a year now, I feel just as passionately that the Katz faculty, staff, and alumni care about the individuals that they work with on a personal level.

Malena Hirsch

MBA '19