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Pursuing Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Industry outreach is critical to the center’s Mission and Strategy, and through our programming we create a dynamic relationship between students, faculty and SCM leading organizations.  While our outreach is knowledge-centric, it also features networking and developing a sense of community among our stakeholders.     

Throughout the year, our key outreach activities with the SCM professional community include:

  • Annual Symposium (Link): Our signature event is open to industry, peer institutions, and Pitt faculty, students, and staff, the annual Supply Chain Management Symposium is a national event in which leading SCM professionals provide cutting-edge insights on significant issues in the field.   The symposium features a regional tour, a meet and greet event and speaker’s dinner the prior evening.  The event itself includes special guest speakers and moderators, and a student poster competition. 
  • Breakfast Speaker Series: Open to all Pitt students, Pitt alumni, and industry professionals, the Breakfast Speaker Series lets participants learn about best practices in the field and grow their professional networks while treating themselves to a complimentary breakfast. 
  • Fast, Focus Forums: An event for regional industry professionals to discuss the COVID-19 challenges they have today in a specific area of Supply Chain Management and to share their experience and to learn from peers in the region.  This virtual event is only 40 minutes and is an open discussion format hosted by a guest Discussion Leader. 
  • Pittsburgh Women in Supply Chain Group Dinner & Discussion Sessions:  Geared towards highlighting unique conflicts faced by women in supply chain management, these sessions provide an informal, small group setting where women supply chain leaders initiate and guide discussion on how to manage professional and personal challenges.  The group also runs a mentoring program for supply chain women.
  • Summer Mixer: Informal networking opportunity with the Center Board Members, sponsors, regional industry professionals, faculty, staff, and students.

Please see our complete Programs and Events listing.

Here is a complete list of speakers from our prior outreach speaker events.

The center Sponsors also enjoy the following special outreach activities as part of the Center Annual Sponsorship packages:

  • Graduate Student Project Courses: Platinum and Gold sponsors can be clients for graduate project courses where students learn to apply their knowledge to solve a sponsor’s business challenge with assistance from faculty and professional coaches.  Sponsors can choose between the Katz Consulting Field Project, Six Sigma project or create a customized, independent study project.
  • Rapidfire Networking and Recruiting Events: Twice a year, graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in SCM are selected to attend a special event with the Center’s sponsors.
  • Case Competitions: At both the graduate and undergraduate level, students compete to problem solve an SCM Case.  Center sponsors may focus the case on an actual SCM issue at the graduate level, or be part of the Corporate Judging panel for the undergraduate Race-to-the-Case.

Please see our Center Sponsorship page for more details. 


I think it’s important to remain engaged with the business school for many reasons. Pitt Business has helped me become who I am today and I believe in giving back to those that have assisted you on your journey.

Ian Riddick

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It gave me a strong spirit of entrepreneurship. I couldn’t wait to get out and apply my business knowledge to start and grow a business. It created a level of excitement I carry with me today.

John Heller Jr.

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