Student Life // Business Healthcare Club

Explore The Business of Healthcare

Business Healthcare Club (BHC)’s mission is to prepare its members for successful careers within the healthcare industry and aims to inform and immerse members into different functional areas within the industry that include (but are not limited to):

  • Healthcare Product Management (Marketing)
  • Healthcare Project Management
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Healthcare Operations (Supply chain)
  • Health Policy and management
  • Finance and Investment
  • Health IT/Tech

BHC welcomes full and part-time graduate/professional-level students from all programs and concentrations to join.

Previous industry experience is not required, and we encourage those who are interested in healthcare to reach out to us or attend one of our events.


Around the year, BHC hosts numerous activities and events:

  • Healthcare panels and speakers
  • Alumni and corporate networking opportunities
  • Collaborations with other organizations
  • Club Leadership team meetings

Executive Team:

President:    Syed Jalal Rahman

Staff Advisor: Katie Bennett

Executive Consultants:

Julie Arnolds

Lavina Suresh Iyengar

Vice Presidents:

Ammar Kinkhabwala

Jacob Diefes

Misbah Ahmad

Poojitha Reddivari



It was very clear to me that Katz was the perfect option for my education and future career. Great medical care strikes a balance between both business and medicine. My time at Katz allowed me to shadow and connect with UPMC doctors and get an inside look at the business side of medical startups.

Tom Cwalina

MBA '20

There was a great spirit of cooperation and camaraderie amongst my fellow students. I keep in touch with a number of my fellow Katz classmates to this day and we all agree that our time at Katz had a significant impact on our lives and careers.

Scott Frenz

MBA '02