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Learn About Corporate Sustainability

Why Sustainability?

Sustainability is a business approach to create long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organization operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.

Developing sustainable strategies fosters company longevity and hence sustainability is imperative for all companies. Major brands such as Apple, Walmart, Nike, SAP, HP, H&M, IKEA and almost every other Fortune 500 company have led the way by investing in sustainability efforts.

Who are we?

The Katz Corporate Sustainability Club (KCSC), in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Business, helps cultivate values-driven business leaders by equipping and empowering them through changing trends in industry and adopt a sustainability lens in tackling issues of corporate strategy.

What do we offer?

  • Learn about the “Triple Bottom Line” model of business strategy and popular metrics of sustainability performance.
  • Offer career development and networking opportunities for students interested in sustainability and social responsibility in business world. We conduct Q&A panel and networking events where students can engage with professionals in the industry and learn about potential career paths.
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities to students through affiliation with the Center for Sustainable Business.
  • Participate in drafting a Sustainability Report for the Katz School Community.
  • Engage in campus-wide efforts to make the University of Pittsburgh more sustainable and learn about the business case for “Going Green.”
  • Exposure to case competitions relating to sustainability.

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Leadership Team:

Spandan Ghosh

Luke Mort

Luke O’Brien

Nishant Saun


It’s more than just a career plan. It will help you evaluate what kind of professional you want to be, what kind of skills you want to develop. You are not just bringing home a certificate, but you are a better professional and a better person.

Sabine Rossi

MBA '20

Katz presented a very strong program and reputation, while still feeling very personal. I feel just as passionately that the Katz faculty, staff, and alumni care about the individuals that they work with on a personal level.

Malena Hirsch

MBA '19