Student Life // Katz PM Club

Exploring Opportunities in Project, Program, and Product Management

The Katz PM Club intends to help students from all backgrounds to prepare, learn, and explore opportunities in project, program, and product management.

It is a common mistake to consider PM roles as only technical positions. Each PM role has its own unique business function: Project management nowadays is mostly about organizing highly effective teams, facilitating teamwork, and developing team members. Program management provides a connection between strategic business goals and projects’ objectives. Product management builds a bridge between the technical department and end-users and is mostly oriented on user experience. Therefore, the PM Club commits its main task as a series of outreach activities to explain the non-technical side of this industry through seminars, workshops, and meetings with current PMs.


Katz PM Club promotes a career in project, program, and product management and helps students and alumni to connect and share insights about these roles. Our aim is to empower Katz PM club members with the knowledge and tools that they need to succeed as a PM.

Club Objectives

In order to create a comprehensive relationship between Katz students and PM community in Pittsburgh and across the US, the PM Club plans to:

  • Create a PM community including Katz students and alumni – An exclusive LinkedIn group
  • Create networking opportunities for the club members
  • Explore PM career and industries relative to this profession
  • Organize exchange of knowledge and sharing the experience among current students, staff, faculty, alumni, and professionals
  • Increase the visibility of Katz Graduate School of Business as a resource of valuable PM graduates for recruiters
  • Establish strong relationships with the professional community and organizations

Leadership Team

  • Chahee Park, President

  • Misbah Ahmad, VP

  • Tony George Mundassery, VP

  • Kartikeya Singh, VP

  • Luke O’Brien, VP

  • Oluwafemi Adesanmi, VP

  • Kaushik Madgula, VP

Staff Advisor: Sandra Douglas

See you in the club!


What makes Katz unique is the environment they cultivate for students right from the start. Katz encouraged a culture of collaboration, what I learned outside the classroom from my classmates has been just as valuable as what I learned from my professors.

Elizabeth Davis

MBA '17

As a Professional MBA student, I enjoy being able to work with other part-time students with industry knowledge and expertise. I’m always learning something new, hearing a different perspective, or gaining insights from part-time students in other industries, companies, and corporate cultures.

Tyler Wilson

MBA '19