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Student Ambassadors represent the Katz Graduate School at various University activities and events. In addition, they assist with the ‘MBA for a Day program in which prospective students attend a day at Katz. Ambassadors interact and meet with prospective students to discuss graduate school options and learn about Katz.

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It is incredible how quickly your network can expand and how many opportunities you are presented with through the Katz MBA Program. I had always heard that an MBA, for those who are all in, is life changing. After receiving my degree from Katz, I realize that is certainly the case.

Luiz Henrique Badalotti De Geroni

MBA '17

Make an impact through non-academic activities. The MBA experience can be so much more and that’s entirely up to you. You will never be surrounded by so many talented and international individuals again.

Nupur Gupta

MBA '17