Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Pitt Business – You Belong Here

Our mission at Pitt Business is to produce knowledge through research on issues relevant to business and society; prepare our students to create business value through leadership and practice; and promote global dialogue on economic and entrepreneurial activities that improve society.

At the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration, we aim to create leaders that use business as a force for social good. We transform our students into change-agents who keep asking questions, challenging current practices, and embracing and impacting humanity. Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion is intertwined into our vision for our Pitt Business community. That’s exactly why we continue to keep working, to keep reinventing, in order to push the edge of what’s possible. Business never stops reinventing itself. Neither do we.

To foster and support a more equitable community for all, we’ve reimagined the core components of our programs.

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Pitt Business Commitment to EDI

  • Diversity Pitt Business Leadership Team (ongoing)
  • Create a steering committee for EDI initiatives (some progress)
  • Engage and support diverse student organizations and leaderships
  • Increase diverse representation of guest speakers
  • Assess EDI curriculum and increase coverage of EDI in case studies, readings, and assignments
  • Create EDI courses
  • Partner with minority-owned businesses and community non-profits
  • Strengthen diversity in international programs
  • Create new multicultural programs and workshops
  • Expand inclusive advising and career development
  • Faculty and Staff EDI Certificate Program
  • Diversity the next generation of faculty
  • Increase representation of staff
  • Expand support for diverse students
  • Diversify procurement process
  • Partner with EDI-focused organizations for recruitment
  • Equitable hiring and retention practices
  • Strengthen diverse alumni networks

“I have been overwhelmed with support and guidance from Katz students and alumni. They have been willing to answer questions and offer advice for success. I knew this school was for me when I attended Diversity Student Weekend and felt a part of the Katz family. ”

Danielle Hardy, MBA ’18

Sr. Merchandising Portfolio Analyst , Zappos, Las Vegas, Nev.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to increasing diversity and fostering a culture of true inclusion. We hope you will engage with us in this important work. 

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Resources to Help

If you want to report a concern, or need help, resources are available to support you as part of our commitment to equal opportunities.

Consistent with the University’s core values, the policies directly help to foster a climate of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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EDI Programs and Research

We believe in creating a learning community that engages people from different backgrounds to meet, listen, talk, and learn from each other.

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Get Involved

Check out the variety of groups and organizations advancing the values of diversity and inclusion across Pitt.


Now more than ever, it is vital that we engage with each other and continue to grow and learn as a community.

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The Pitt Business community is finding ways to identify and eliminate barriers.


Since my time at Pitt began, I have always felt like I found my home; a place I felt included and a place that myself and my peers could speak freely knowing that we would not be judged for our opinion.

Samantha Hovis

BSBA '23

The diversity and inclusion team at Pitt Business is always looking to improve their practices and they are open to feedback, which coming from a student, is much appreciated to know that they care so much about their students.

Bethany Woodcock

BSBA '24