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Evolution of Brand Safety with Neal Thurman

Start Date

February 25, 2023 09:00 am

End Date

February 25, 2023 01:00 pm


Center for Branding

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Terri Gregos Fitzgerald

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This virtual web-based workshop provides an introduction to the emerging field of brand safety. Digital advertising has gone from being a novelty to being the dominant channel for reaching customers. The rise of the digital advertising channel, along with the proliferation of digital publishers facilitated by platforms that make self-publishing written, audio, and video content, has also led to a variety of unintended consequences. The field of brand safety has emerged as marketers, both large and small, look to ensure that their spending in the digital channel not only achieves their business goals but doesn’t harm their brand via any of these unintended consequences. Specific topics covered include: viewability, criminal activity, immediate agency, property agency, privacy, and media buying. Neal Thurman is the Co-Founder of the Brand Safety Institute and the Director of the Coalition for Better Ads.

Pricing & Registration

$180 – Business Professionals

$120 – Non-Katz Pitt Attendees

$60 – Katz Attendees