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The Power of Working with Micro-Influencers

Start Date

April 01, 2023 09:00 am

End Date

April 01, 2023 02:00 pm


Center for Branding

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Terri Gregos Fitzgerald

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118E Mervis Hall

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The Power of Working with Micro-Influencers

Influencer culture has taken over social media in recent years. Thanks to the internet connecting us with people we share interests with, influencers have grown in number and size. Are you busy juggling your career and looking to create a healthy workout routine? There’s an influencer for that. Are you a tired parent looking to laugh with other tired parents? There’s an influencer for that.

A micro-influencer has a social media presence that is larger than the average person, but smaller than a celebrity. There are influencers on nearly all social media platforms – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – tailoring their content to the niche audience they’ve created.

At the Katz Center for Branding, we want to help your businesses compete in this new sphere. Through this workshop, experts and researchers will teach you both how to find the right influencer for your needs and how to build a campaign with them. Creatives in the industry will host a panel telling attendees what it takes to be a successful influencer.

Working with an influencer can take you and your brand to new heights. Register below and join us for The Power of Working with Micro-Influencers. This workshop will be offered virtually or in-person.

Workshop Schedule

Session 1: Micro Influencer Panel

Julie Cantola Kirsch – Client Strategy Manager, Merkle
Anna Hinkle@Anna__Hinkle
Elyse Levkulich@BurghNosh
Tracy Travaglio@ATraceofCool

Session 2: Introduction & Research Panel

Vanitha Swaminathan – Thomas Marshall Professor of Marketing, Pitt Business
Christian Hughes – Assistant Professor of Marketing, Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business
Robert Kozinets – Jayne and Hans Hufschmid Professor of Strategic Public Relations and Business Communication, University of Southern California
Andreas Lanz – Assistant Professor of Marketing, HEC Paris

Session 3: Successful Work with Micro Influencers

Cooper Monroe – The Motherhood Inc.
Robert Innis – Athletic Brewing
Brian Cavanaugh – GNC
Greg Via – Cloud9 Esports
Chelsea Halker – Heartland Restaurant Group, Dunkin Donuts

Conclusion: Business Case

Students from the Strategic Brand Management course will share their ideas on how to bring a campaign to life using a micro-influencer.

Pricing & Registration

$100 – Business Professionals

$75 – Non-Katz Pitt Students

$60 – Katz & CBA Students *


*If unused, full-time Katz students can use their professional development funds to offset the costs of this event. Please reach out to Graduate Programs if you have questions and to signal your reimbursement submission.