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At Katz, we believe that real-world experience is the best teacher. For that reason, we built our business school around experience-based learning outcomes. We believe learning by doing enables students to put in to practice the theories learned in the classroom. This hands-on approach empowers students to gain the critical cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills necessary to succeed in today’s business world.

We offer our graduate students a unique menu of domestic and global experience-based learning opportunities. Students can choose from case studies, consulting projects, simulations, case competitions and fellowships. This active learning approach enables you to be ready on day one.

Core Courses

Core courses at Katz contain the foundations of the Katz experience and prepare students for electives and concentrations. Many of these courses will feature textbook or in-person case exercises, where problem-solving skills are used to analyze the issues of the case and then present them in oral or written form. Students will also be tasked with a number of group projects where they will have the opportunity to hone their teamwork skills and intercultural skills through working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Case Competitions

In case competitions, a student team competes for the best solution to a business-related case study. Case competitions test students’ critical thinking skills and enhance their teamwork and interpersonal skills as they work with their colleagues to develop their problem solution and presentation.

Consulting Field Projects

Katz School faculty have offered the Consulting Field Project course for more than two decades. This course teaches management consulting as a problem-solving framework, allowing you to apply the analytical tools and concepts you learn at Katz to real-world problems.

The Katz Invitational

This signature case competition is hosted by the Katz MBA Program Office. The Katz Invitational Case Competition is multi-dimensional, designed to test the teams’ ability to collaborate on different business disciplines.

Management Simulation Capstone

For students in our MBA program, our capstone course ties together everything students learn in their core classes. The capstone course is an applied strategic management and general management course designed to give students a realistic assignment as an executive in a simulated athletic footwear company. Professional Development Throughout the spring and fall term, Katz offers unique experiences to complement your in-class experience. Sessions offered by Katz staff and faculty are designed to enhance both your hard and transferable skills and help you succeed in the classroom and boardroom. Past workshops have included: Advanced Presentation Skills, Wall Street Prep, Python, Tableau and Intercultural Communication.

Six Sigma: Theory and Practice

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach to process improvement aimed at the near-elimination of defects from every product, process, and transaction. Six Sigma uses a five-phase problem solving methodology known by the acronym DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. To integrate theory and practice, students will be grouped in teams and work under the mentorship of a Six Sigma Black Belt on an industry client field project. Students who earn a grade of “B” or better will receive a Katz Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate at the end of the course.

Services Marketing: Strategies and Tactics

Students complete a customer-journey map for a real-world client of their choosing, using interviews with key stakeholders. The course also incorporates a live case exercise with a Pittsburgh based client.

Advanced Data Programming

Students gain hands-on experience through the use of programming language (i.e. R and Python) to assemble, clean and analyze real-world data sets. Through this analysis, students will learn how to visualize the data to make and evaluate business goals.

Enterprise Systems and Integration of Business Processes

Taught in an immersion format, this class enables students to gain hands-on experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and prepare students for the SAP certification exam.

Markets and Trading

Through the use of simulation software, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to make tactical trading decisions in different market structure environments.

Center for Sustainable Business Fellowships

Are you a student interested in driving research and relationship collaboration between a major company and the CSB over the academic year? Consider applying to any of these fellowship opportunities through the Center for Sustainable Business. Be sure to contact us with any questions, insights, and/or requests for guidance.

“ The Katz School fosters the growing importance of corporate social responsibility through its BNY Mellon CSR Fellowship by giving students the opportunity to provide consulting work for real clients.”
Mariah Fosnight, MBA ’17

Sr. Client Service Associate, The Alford Group, Seattle, Wash.


The Experienced-Based Learning courses provided a hands-on experience that helped me to develop leadership qualities, improve my communication abilities, and sharpen my critical thinking skills through real-world application.

Wenjia Huo

MBA '17

In combination with real-world experience, the Katz MBA program has built my skills in ethical leadership, teamwork, and strategic thinking, and provided both the foundation and the confidence necessary for handling complex business situations in the future.

William Sapon

MBA '17