Experience-Based Learning // Case Competitions

Students holding trophy after winning a Case Competition

Playing To Win

In case competitions, a student team competes for the best solution to a business-related case study. Within a short time frame, students must read, analyze, and prepare their solution to the challenge. Case competitions test students’ critical thinking skills and enhance their teamwork and interpersonal skills as they work with their colleagues to develop their problem solution and presentation.

Recent case competitions have included Key Bank Minority MBA Case Competition, Daniel’s Race and Case, and the University of Michigan’s Renewable Energy Case Competition.

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Today, I seek out classes and opportunities (like the Super Analytics Challenge) to learn and grow in this new area. I feel empowered and proud in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago.

Rebecca Farabaugh

MS '22

Make an impact through non-academic activities. The MBA experience can be so much more and that’s entirely up to you. You will never be surrounded by so many talented and international individuals again.

Nupur Gupta

MBA '17