He is known as the professor who is more passionate about marketing than anyone. Yun-Oh Whang is a clinical assistant professor of business administration and the MS in Marketing Science faculty director.

He is notorious for encouraging and challenging his students to dive deeper into the marketing world –he supervises teams for the Adobe Analytics Competition each year, brings in companies to speak with students about real-life marketing challenges and internship opportunities, and encourages his students to network at innovative events like Thrival.

Recently, he travelled to Seoul, South Korea, to connect with alumni and present Katz information sessions to potential students. Despite his busy schedule, he always manages to make sure students can de-stress and have some fun during his classic end-of-the year party, where students celebrate their successes with karaoke and dance competitions.

As a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” he finally settled into teaching after starting three companies.

“Since my practitioner days, I have always been fascinated by marketing because it deals with consumers so directly,” says Whang. “Humans are simply impossible to understand, so it makes it extremely rewarding when marketing clicks with consumers.”

What do you teach at Katz?
“I teach Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior, in addition to a variety of other courses in global, sports, and digital marketing. My classes focus on application. I am a firm believer of ‘learning by doing.’ The students work on real-life projects in every class of mine and get to know how to translate the class materials to the real world.”

Best compliment you have received?
“The best compliment I get while either teaching a class or working with companies is ‘you are absolutely crazy…’ 

Thinking outside the box is what we emphasize more than anything at Katz, and it is how I approach my classes and consulting.”

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