Global Learning // Issues Workshops

A group of students visiting Vietnam

Enhanced Experience-Based Learning

Students conduct an extensive analysis of a structural or external issue affecting an organization or industry abroad. A student team carries out in-depth international business research in the U.S. and travels abroad to conduct field research and speak to industry and organization experts.

Students participating in the GIW typically have demonstrated international educational and professional experience outside their home country and the United States.

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It gave me a strong spirit of entrepreneurship. I couldn’t wait to get out and apply my business knowledge to start and grow a business. It created a level of excitement I carry with me today.

John Heller Jr.

MBA '90

In combination with real-world experience, the Katz MBA program has built my skills in ethical leadership, teamwork, and strategic thinking, and provided both the foundation and the confidence necessary for handling complex business situations in the future.

William Sapon

MBA '17