Global Learning // Research Practicum

Global Business Exposure

The program is open to all Katz MBA students, most Specialized Masters’s students, and other Pitt graduate students. The GRP exposes Katz MBA, MAcc, and MS students to international business and current issues affecting the global marketplace. During their time abroad, students visit companies, engage with executives and Pitt alumni, conduct field research, and experience international culture. The main objectives of the program are to challenge students to consider issues from a global perspective and to enable students to build key transferable skills, such as intercultural skills, communication, adaptability, and a global mindset. Deliverables from the practicum include a team research project and a professional portfolio designed to capture the international experience.

Complete Information

GRP is open to all Katz full and part-time MBA students and MS students in accounting, management information systems, and supply chain. For information on the upcoming GRP locations, visit

Student Testimonials

2-Year MBA Student, GRP; Japan

“The University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business’s Global Research Practicum (GRP) was an indispensable part of my MBA experience. The real-world applications and the experience-based learning of the GRP was essential in my academic coursework. The trip to Japan strengthened my ability to think globally, and helped me enhance my communications and interpersonal skills, while the research project challenged my ability to solve problems creatively and present detailed arguments and strategies.”

Master of Accounting Student, GRP; Ireland and United Kingdom

“This Global Research Practicum in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was unforgettable experience. I was not only able to learn so much more about the topic of Brexit, and all of the economic and political aspects that it has affected, but also on this trip I was able to focus in on working to better myself, and further develop transferrable skills. Specifically, this trip allowed for me to further develop my effective communication skills and my ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and deal with the uncertainty that comes with those changes.”

Professional MBA Student, GRP; Asia

“Prior to participating in the GRP, as a part-time student, I had not built relationships with my Katz peers. After spending a week in a foreign country with classmates, I feel as though I built lifelong personal and professional relationships. Further, upon returning to work, I was eager to share my experiences from Japan with my co-workers and utilize the transferable skills that I gained abroad in my current workplace. I believe that this program has set me up for a successful future at both Katz and in the workplace.”

2-Year MBA Student, GRP; Ireland and United Kingdom

“Altogether, the instructors prepared me with the right historical context, the staff provided us with opportunities to meet the right people, and ultimately, I challenged myself to ask questions that were meaningful, enlightening and fundamental to understanding the financial, political, and cultural landscape of Ireland.”

Previous Locations

  • 2021: Scotland (Virtual) and Japan (Virtual)
  • 2019: Chile (Santiago and Valparaiso), Ireland (Dublin) and the United Kingdom (Belfast), Singapore
  • 2018: Mexico (Mexico City and Puebla), United Kingdom (London), Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto
  • 2017: Argentina (Buenos Aires), United Kingdom and Belgium (London and Brussels), and China (Beijing and Shanghai)
  • 2016: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Germany (Munich) and the Czech Republic (Prague), and South Korea (Seoul) and Taipei (Taiwan)
  • 2015: Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), China (Beijing and Shanghai), Germany (Munich and Augsburg), and Russia and Bulgaria (Moscow and Sofia)
  • 2014: India (Bangalore and New Delhi), Israel (Tel Aviv), and Germany (Cologne)/Netherlands (Rotterdam)
  • 2013: Chile (Santiago and Valparaíso); India (Bangalore and New Delhi); and Russia (Moscow and Samara)
  • 2012: Germany (Munich) and Switzerland (Zurich); Russia (Moscow and Samara)
  • 2011: Spain (Barcelona) and Italy (Milan); United Kingdom (London and Dublin); Chile (Santiago)
  • 2010: Portugal (Lisbon) and Spain (Madrid)
  • 2009: Germany (Munich) and Czech Republic (Prague); Chile (Santiago)
Global search practicum


Katz has the perfect combination of small class sizes that foster a great learning environment while simultaneously having the perks of a larger program like access to working with great companies and professors.

Alexandra Sumkin

MBA '17

What makes Katz unique is the environment they cultivate for students right from the start. Katz encouraged a culture of collaboration, what I learned outside the classroom from my classmates has been just as valuable as what I learned from my professors.

Elizabeth Davis

MBA '17