Man putting fluid into small tubes in a laboratoryAt the Center for Healthcare Management, we are involved in a range of research and educational projects and programs that make meaningful contributions to knowledge and practice. Leveraging our relationship with one of the world’s leading medical research institutions, the Center for Healthcare Management is home to the following unique educational programs:

Executive MBA in Healthcare

The Executive MBA (EMBA) in Healthcare is a 19-month program offered in partnership with UPMC for physicians and other health care professionals seeking high-level advancement combining the disciplines of business and medicine.

Marshall Webster Physician Leadership Program

The highly competitive, 12-week Marshall Webster Physician Leadership Program, developed in partnership with the UPMC Physician Services Division, covers topics such as business analytics and leadership for physicians.

International Health Care Management Program

A collaboration between Katz and UPMC, the International Health Care Management Program consists of a series of seminars that focus on the latest health care management and clinical topics and are led by business and health care administration experts.