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For Teachers and Students

The International Business Center reaches the next generation of international business leaders through regional events at the K-12 level. If you would like to partner with the IBC, please contact IBC Managing Director Jacqueline Saslawski. The following is a sample of events that the IBC organizes or co-sponsors. Because events occur throughout the year, please check the IBC News & Events page for more information. 

  • Annual International Marketing Campaign Business Scholastic Competition 
    The IBC works with high school language and social sciences teachers to introduce international business concepts to students through an international marketing competition. It culminates in an interscholastic competition hosted by the IBC at Pitt, where students present their marketing plans.
  • Academic WorldQuest
    Academic Worldquest is an annual knowledge-based competition with questions on international affairs, current events, the global economy, geography, world history, and general knowledge about the world.
  • Model United Nations
    More than 300 students from about 30 Western Pennsylvania high schools apply their prior research, studies, and present positions in a simulation of a United Nations session. While the students practice diplomacy, negotiation, and resolution writing on world issues, many of which is related to international business, their teachers have the opportunity to participate in a same-day workshop. 
  • Professional Development Workshops for Teachers
    The IBC joins the area studies centers within the University Center for International Studies for workshops on international topics. The themes vary by workshop. Please visit the News & Events section of this Web site for upcoming dates.
  • Mini Courses: BRICS Today
    Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University collaborate to offer compressed courses, taught by expert faculty, with lectures from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, followed by a research paper. The courses are one-credit hour or three units for CMU students, with about 14 hours of lectures and an expected 30 hours of work for the paper. Registered students are required to complete specified follow-up assignments to receive full credit. The courses focus on countries with emerging economies: Brazil, India, China, Russia and South Africa.
  • Summer Institute for Learning a Second Language for Business Communication
    The weeklong workshop helps language educators to design curricula for teaching language in business communications. It focuses on integrating business fundamentals and practicing second-language pedagogy. The IBC co-sponsors this event. Contact the IBC if you are interested in participating. The event is hosted by Penn Lauder.