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For Students

The International Business Center can direct you to the multitude of international business opportunities available through Pitt Business, the University of Pittsburgh, and outside universities. Every program listed in this section is open to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.

Please contact the IBC if you know about a program not listed, because the IBC may be able to provide administrative support or financial assistance.

Pitt undergraduate students study abroad and intern in world cities in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. In fact, the percentage of College of Business Administration students who study abroad far exceeds the University and national averages. Students have the opportunity to develop international skills in depth by pursuing the Global Management major and a variety of certificate programs, including the Certificate Program in International Business.

 Business Experiences Abroad

  • The Global Business Institute gives students the opportunity to study business courses, often taught by our faculty, while studying at an international location. Students also have the chance to complete internships and work toward completing the Certificate Program in International Business. Five locations are available: London, Sydney, Florence, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires.

  • Plus3 is a two-week international study trip that gives students the chance to travel abroad in conjunction with students from the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering. Featuring company visits, lectures, and sightseeing, Plus3 is offered in the summer to students who have completed their first year. Current locations include Costa Rica, China, Germany, and Vietnam.

  • The International Internship Program lets students complete professional, full-time internships in foreign countries, gaining an unparalleled global business experience. Current locations for the summer-long internship program include Dublin, Paris, Madrid, and Berlin, though locations are subject to change. Among the many global corporations for which students have interned are Dow Chemical, Mylan, General Motors, SiriusXM Radio, Morningstar, and Ogilvy & Mather.

  • Pitt's Study Abroad Office offers travel-study opportunities in more than 100 different countries. Students have the option of studying abroad during summer, fall, spring, or during a full academic year. Additionally, there are a variety of business-specific partnernships that exisit with international business schools in Europe and South America.

 Academic Programs

  • The Global Management Major builds students understanding in the management of people, processes, and policies in a global context. Study abroad experience and foreign language proficiency are required.

  • The University Center for International Studies Certificates give students the opportunity to focus in African Studies, Global Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Russian and East European Studies, or West European Studies.

  • A variety of international-themed business case and language competitions are held throughout the United States. For example, students in the Society for International Business (SIB) participated in the 2011 and 2012 Business Language Case competition at Brigham Young University. If you are interested in a particular competition and need assistance or support, please contact the IBC. 

  • Mini Courses: BRICS Today. Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University collaborate to offer compressed courses with lectures from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, followed by a research paper. The courses are 1-credit hour for Pitt students or 3 units for CMU students, with about 14 hours of lectures and an expected 30 hours of work for the paper. Registered students are required to complete specified follow up assignments to receive full credit. The courses focus on countries with emerging economies: Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa. 

  • The Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship is an award that enabels the recipient to devote time to full-time study. FLAS-eligible languages include Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese, Swahili, and Turkish.

Student Clubs

The Society for International Business is an undergraduate business club within the College of Business Administration. By holding professional and social events throughout the academic year, SIB seeks to bring together like-minded individuals with an interest in international business, international affairs, culture, travel, and many other areas of global interest. 

University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School students have ample opportunities to practice international business. The MBA program offers consulting and research projects that enable students to practice business in a foreign country. The experience brings to life the theories and concepts discussed in the program. Additionally, students have the option of completing a Global Management Certificate or pursue a second degree in an international business area. Students may also take language courses, offered through the IBC, which help to ease language barriers to foreign assignments.

Management Experiences Abroad

  • The Global Research Practicum is a three-credit MBA course featuring lectures on a specific country, a research project, and a one-week trip abroad to culminate the research.  The IBC Global EBL Travel Award provides six (6) IBC scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to Katz students participating in a GRP. Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

    • (1) Applying for any of the 2017 GRP courses

    • (2) Being a Katz Masters or MBA student.

Applications for the IBC Global EBL Travel Award are made during the online application process for the GRP program. Students applying for the IBC tuition scholarships will be asked to respond to the following questions: 

    • How will this international experience based learning opportunity fit and/or add to your Katz professional and academic development portfolio? (250 word essay)

    • Why do you need the travel award (100 words)

    • IBC Global EBL Travel Award recipients may be asked you to share their GRP experience via the Katz social media channels and with other students upon their return, including participating in Global EBL Scholars discussion panels or future GRP orientation sessions.

    • Please contact Jacqueline Saslawski if you have questions. 

Read GRP testimonials here

  • Consulting Field Projects are three-credit courses in which students work on a project for a sponsor client. Not all projects have an international travel component, although past teams have traveled to China and Japan for Westinghouse Electric's nuclear power plant division and to Brazil for RPM Industries.

  • Global Issue Workshops are three-credit courses in which students address regional business or related issues requiring decisive action. These workshops are led by Katz faculty teaming with Pitt alumni, local business people, or other experts. 

Academic Programs

  • CPT Internship Practicum.  This course prepares students for internship opportunities by focusing on career management, organizations, and people skills in the context of global executive mobility. 

  • Global Management Certificate. Katz MBAs, required to complete a certificate in addition to their concentration, have the option of pursuing global business management certificate. The 10.5-credit academic path requires the student to complete an experience-based course in another country, as well as complete coursework that blends international business with a topical area.

  • Mini Courses: BRICS Today. Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University collaborate to offer compressed courses, taught by expert faculty, with lectures from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, followed by a research paper. The courses are one-credit hour or three units for CMU students, with about 14 hours of lectures and an expected 30 hours of work for the paper. Registered students are required to complete specified follow-up assignments to receive full credit. The courses focus on countries with emerging economies: Brazil, India, China, Russia and South Africa.

  • MBA Language Classes. The IBC offers foreign business language instruction to small groups of at least five MBA students. We can offer Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, or any other language of interest. The course is 1.5 credits. Classes are offered for three hours per week over the entire semester. If you would like to study a language, find four other classmates interested in taking the same language for credit at approximately the same level. Please contact the IBC to set up the class.

  • Master's in International Development and Public and International Affairs are available through Katz's partnership with Pitt's Graduate School of International and Public Affairs. To be eligible, students must enroll as a joint-degree student. When they graduate, they will receive both a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) and a master's degree in the specified area of international study.

  • The Graduate Student Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship is one of the most generous awards offered by the three area studies centers at the University of Pittsburgh. The prestigious award enables the recipient to devote his or her efforts full time to graduate study. Recipients receive full tuition, plus an $18,000 living stipend for one year. 

Student Club

The International Business Association strives to serve, promote, and educate the Pitt Business community on international business practices, awareness of cultures, and career opportunities. The IBA invites the business community to join them for site visits, guest speaker events, and forums. Members have the opportunity to participate in activities and leadership roles. 

The International Business Center offers support to PhD candidates whose dissertations have a global business focus. 

  • IBC dissertation research grants. The IBC supports doctoral student dissertation research in international business. The grants are available to Katz doctoral students as well as doctoral students from any other disciplines at the University of Pittsburgh. Some examples of expenses covered by the IBC include acquisition of special data and software, mailing survey costs, and travel necessitated by dissertation research. Doctoral students must submit a proposal application for funding by October 31. As part of the proposal application, doctoral students must complete the Doctoral Proposal Evaluation Form. Doctoral students are encouraged to submit proposals to apply for funding. For more information about the IBC dissertation research program, contact the IBC at 412-648-1778 or e-mail IBC Managing Director Jacqueline Saslawski.

  • CIBER conferences, such as the doctoral internationalization conference, are open to PhD students, sometimes even those not actively pursuing international research. 

  • Foreign Language Tutoring. To increase the foreign language expertise and facilitate dissertation research, the IBC offers small group instruction and individual tutoring. Please contact the IBC Managing Director Jacqueline Saslawski if you are interested in tutoring.