Classroom Technology

Classroom & Conference Room Technology

The following classrooms are managed by Katz IT Services. 

All classrooms have a Crestron touch-panel control panel, instructor PC with a (Wacom) pen-enabled screen, document camera, video camera, wireless mic, Blueray/DVD Player, and remote slide advancer/laser pointer. All classrooms have a confidence monitor in the rear of the room. 

Building Room # Seats Screen(s)
Mervis Hall Computer Classroom B60 26 Dual 90in LCDs
Classroom B75 48 1 Projector
Classroom 104 58 1 Projector
Classroom 114 58 1 Projector
Classroom 115 58 1 Projector
Classroom 117 58 1 Projector
Classroom 118D 26 Dual 90in LCDs
Classroom 118E 54 Dual 90in LCDs
Computer Classroom 201 58 Dual Projectors
Classroom 209 40 Dual 90in LCDs
Classroom 270 Dual 80in LCDs
Conference 101 90in LCD
Conference102 90in LCD
Conference 301 55in LCD
Conference 372 55in LCD
Sennott Square Classroom 2200 158 Dual Projectors
Classroom 2300 40 Dual Projectors
Classroom 2400 38 Dual Projectors
Classroom 2500 92 Dual LCDs
Networking Zone 2650 25
Conference 2651
Alumni Hall Classroom 528 32 Dual 90in LCDs
Classroom 531 58 Dual Projectors
Classroom 532 64 Dual Projectors

Software on Classroom PCs

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 2019, including Excel add-ins Risk/Analytic Solver Platform and PHStat 3.5
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Panopto (Pitt Video)
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Microsoft Visio Professional
  • Statgraphics 17
  • Skype for Business
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (AntiVirus)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Google Chrome
  • VLC Media Player
  • Pulse VPN
  • Java
  • WinSCP

Instructor PC Tech Notes

Technical Notes for Classroom Instructor PCs (updated September 2019)

Particular to Wacum Pen-Touch Panels & PowerPoint

  • If when using the pen to annotate, you see horizontal lines being created on their own
    • PowerPoint slides should be set to 16:9 (widescreen), as opposed to 4:3 dimensions
      • In PowerPoint, go to the Design tab > Customize ribbon > Slide Size > select Widescreen (if prompted select “Maximize fit”)
      • At the next opportunity it is recommended that PowerPoints are designed in the widescreen format (as all Katz classrooms are widescreen format)
  • If you are seeing delays advancing slides
    • This is likely an issue related to large PPT files being opened directly from OneDrive.
      • It is recommended that you download your PPT file locally (to the desktop) and then upload the file to your preferred location with edits
  • If slides are advancing on their own sporadically when annotating on a slide
    • This is because the pen can act as a mouse click for a split second, to work-around you can disable the Advance Slide on Mouse Click Option.
      • In PowerPoint, go to the Transitions tab > Timing ribbon (at the far right) > uncheck the box “On Mouse Click”
      • You will want to update this setting for all the slides in the file, which you can do by selecting the 1st slide, holding down Shift and scrolling down to select the last slide – this will select all the slides. You can then check and uncheck the option for all the slides.


  • You are teaching from a Pitt Business Classroom using a Poly System
  • You are teaching in a non-Pitt Business Classroom using a Poly System
  • You are teaching from a Pitt Business Classroom using the built-in A/V Tech
  • You are teaching from a remote location to a Pitt Business Classroom
  • Everyone is remote