Continuity at Pitt Business


Course Delivery

Faculty are advised to use the most appropriate course delivery method. Faculty that are unfamiliar with the best option as it relates to their course can make an appointment with a member of the Katz IT Team.

  • A Zoom Pro license is available for all faculty who wish to conduct a synchronous (live) course video conference meeting.
  • Courses that use a computer lab or require special software, can leverage our Virtual Lab, or VLab.
  • Faculty may consider pre-recording lectures using Panopto (Pitt Video).
  • Faculty who need a video camera and/or microphone can contact Katz IT

Staff Support

It is recommended that faculty also install Skype for Business to keep in contact with staff


All Fulltime Staff have been provided laptop computers, each configured with MS Office/Outlook, Skype for Business, Pulse VPN and any mapped drive connection. Staff without home Wi-Fi will be provided cellular hotspots.

Skype for Business

Staff interactions (chat, voice and video meetings, calls) can be done through Skype for Business.

Skype for Business (SFB) provides online presence information as well as chat and video conferencing capabilities for all University faculty, staff and students.

To configure for the first time:

In the Windows Search bar type Skype for Business
At the login screen, enter your Pitt email address ( If prompted for your password, enter that too.

SFB will automatically display your status based on your Outlook calendar – you can also manually set your status
You can add co-workers to Groups
When invited to a SFB video conference you should just need to click on the meeting link and when prompted select open in SFB

Pulse VPN

Pulse VPN is only required when a staff person is using Remote Desktop to connect to their office computer or when you need to connect to a shared network drive.

Pulse VPN should be installed on all Faculty/Staff-issued laptop computers.

Instructions for connecting to the Pulse VPN can be found here: